Two-step flare dress illustrated

Two-step flare dress illustrated


Two-step flare dress illustrated

Lecture Time: Two-step flare dress illustrated

This is an amazing design. It’s very simple to make. Depending on your size you will need about 3 to 4 yards of fabric. Follow the explanations and illustrations below.

I recommend this project for intermediate sewers because I believe by this stage of sewing the can comfortably construct their basic skirt block as well as their basic bodice
The exact added elements in this style is the 2 step flare on the neck through shoulder as well as the 2 step flare added to the hemline to increase the length and create design detail.

For the final design touch, black ribbon details is added to compliment the white

The basic skirt
Make sure you use your waist, hip, and length measurements to create the basic skirt
Be sure to add seam allowance also make sure you add an allowance to the back block for the zip

Lastly, add the 2 step flare to the skirt.

Basic Bodice
Draft your basic bodice front and back. then at the armpit side of one, cut through it over the neck to create the mono sleeve.on the sleeve and neck add the last 2 step flare to it.

The flare
For this style, you will need 4 flares
2 for the neck
2 for the hemline.

Happy sewing.
Be sure to post here when you create yours😉

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