Tube Dress With Bow detail

Tube Dress With Bow detail


Tube dress with bow detail

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Here is how to make this lovely design.
First, the fascinator she used made this look so classes and I love it😊

To make this style follow the steps below.
Depending on your size you need about 3 yards of scuba fabric or more…

Measurements needed (Please use yours)
Upper bust length 8 /circumference 40
Bust length 11/circumference 44
Under bust 16/circumference 40
Waist length 18/ circumference 38
Hip length 25 / circumference 48
Dress length 47
Point to point 8

Step 1

Divide all the circumference measurements by 2 for your front block and back block

Eg upper bust 40 ÷2 = 20

Bust 44 ÷ 2 = 22

Under bust 40 ÷ 2 = 20

Waist 38 ÷2 = 19

Hip 48 ÷ 2 = 24

Step 2

Create the tube part separate from the skirt block .to do this you need your divided circumference measurements from the upper bust to the waist.

Because your upper bust length is 8… means 7 inches was cut out from the shoulder to the chest area.

From the shoulder to the waist is 18 by length. Out of the 18 we will deduct 7= 11

On the 11 left we add seam allowance to it to create the tube

Fold fabric into 2 with the fullest part of your bust measurements plus seam allowance to get the bust cups.

Mark out your measurements by length from the shoulder down on your folded fabric. You do this so you know where to place other measurements eg upper bust length 8, bust length 11,under bust length 16, waist length 18. Add seam allowance for joining.

Use your point to point measurements get your center front and the sides.(see picture below )

Step 3
Create the back block using your second circumference measurements you divided into 2 initially. The back will have zip opening and dart ( see picture below )

Step 4
Create the front skirt block and back block using your waist and hip circumference divided by 2 with the length of the skirt block

The total length of the dress is 47
We have deducted 18 for the tube out of the 47….we have 29 inches left

So we will cut 29 inches plus seam allowance to hem the circumference and to join the waist.

Waist and hip circumference divided into two we got 19, and 24.we will add seam allowance to join both sides. Fold fabric into two.
Mark out the lines on your fabric. (See picture below )

Shape out the waist ,hip and the length of skirt.create the back block using the front block. Add zip allowance to the back block (See picture above )

At the end you join all the Frontand back block together to get the dress.

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