Beginner’s refresher tutorial- Trendy dress with flare design

Beginner’s refresher tutorial- Trendy dress with flare design


Trendy dress with flare design

This is a beginner’s refresher tutorial to bring you up to speed, especially for the new followers of Valisimo fashion school. See illustrations below the explanations to create this trendy dress with flare design.

You get to make a dress like this in about your second or third month of training with us at Valisimo fashion school. At this stage, you would have learned how to sew a basic skirt and a basic bodice. You would also have learned simple methods of sewing such as how to cut and sew flare, gathers, pleats while you practice making simple skirts.

This style has 3 elements brought together to form the design they are as follows

1) The basic skirt sewn together with the
2) Basic Bodice
3) flare/gathers design on one sleeve

Depending on your size you will need about 3 yards of scuba fabric or any other fabric to recreate this style

The following are measurements needed (please use your measurements). Note that the measurements are calculated in inches. If you require explanations for taking these measurements CLICK HERE to watch my simple measurement tutorial.

Back 16
Neck depth 6
Bust length 10 /circumference 36
Waist length 16 / circumference 32
Hip length 24 / circumference 38
Length of dress 40
Length of the 2 step flare/gathers on the sleeve to the waist. 7 and 10

Step 1.

Divide your back measurement and all your circumference measurements into 2.
Back 16 ÷ 2 = 8
Bust 36 ÷ 2 = 18
Waist 32 ÷ 2 = 16
Hip 38 ÷2 = 19

Note that this division is for your front block and back block.

Step 2.

Measure out the length of the dress 40 and add 2 inches for seam allowance so you have 42

Step 3.

Time to work on our front block. On the length 42, mark out your measurements by length and your divided measurements by circumference on fold.

Back 8 on fold
Bust length 10 /18 on fold + 1-inch seam
Waist length 16/ 16 on fold +1-inch seam
Hip length 24/ 19 on fold + 1-inch seam
Dress length 42

Step 4.

Mark your neck depth 5.5 after sewing it will become 6. Mark your armhole at 8 about where the upper bust should be. Then line all the marks to get your front block shape out with your seam allowance


Step 5.

Place the front block on the back block and simply add zip allowance to the back cut to get the back block. Make sure the neck is not deep like the front. Make it about 2.5
Also, leave space for the slit at the back so you can walk after the sewing.

Step 6.

Sew front and back block together at the shoulder and at the 2 sides. Sew the armhole down and sew the hem line of the dress.

Step 7.

Cut the 2 step flare 7 and 10 wide as 8.5 and 11.5 wide. The extra inch is for seam allowance.
As for the length of the flare make it long enough so you can gather it to your desire.
Sew it to the side of the dress make sure you neat the edges before you place on the dress.

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