Red Hot Number illustrated

Red Hot Number illustrated


Red Hot Number

Remember our Red Hot Number from the other day?
Here is what it looked like.


This project was a fun project to work on for me and my team. It took us less than a week from fabric shopping to completion.

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See the summary of the design below👇

We got 12 yards of fabric but I think we used about 9 yards to complete this.



Addition of Cones

After the cream of the dress to the knee point, we then focused on the lower section which required use cutting the separate cones big and small.we also used the same fabric as lining on the cones.

To make the cones firm we added stiff to each cone and then created a supporting cast from net and Bonney then we sewed them all together. We then tacked it on the main circle for the lower section and then added the feathers.


It is as simple as I have explained it. It’s actually a lot of work and each process comes with no shortcuts.😁 You must take the time and commit to the work to create such an amazing piece.

The embellished process was fun. we tacked and glued to create the beautiful front.

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