Puffed sleeve dress

Puffed sleeve dress


Puffed sleeve dress

The beauty of this Puffed sleeve dress is in the sleeve and in the extra length of the skirt. So my tutorial today will concentrate on the 2 aspects as pointed out.

Fabric used – scuba
Yards needed – 5 yards for someone like me.
Lining- based on choice
Trimmings -necessary
Zip – important

Measurements- Full statistics From shoulder down plus extra for the design detail

Don’t just look through share this on your page for reference.

The Main Tutorial. 👇

The sleeve is in two sections. Shoulder to elbow we have there a fitted sleeve. then we have an addition of puff to the fitted sleeve part.
The puff part of the sleeve has to be cut on a circle so the fullness will be obvious. Lastly, you gather the inner circle and add elastic to the outer circle to get the puff.

The skirt:

This section is simply unique due to the extended length. You will need your total length which is shoulder to floor length plus your determined extra length for the for the tail. See pictures for more details.

Valisimo Fashion School
Lagos branch
2 Akinwale street ogba lagos




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  1. Olatunji Iretioluwa Olusanya

    Lovely,am really blessed with this pattern learnt.

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