Online Video Classes

Online Video Classes


Online Video Classes

I am so happy to announce to you that our online video classes will be starting this month.

This means that just by clicking on our blog you can watch me talk to you as if you are in our physical class. It’s the next level of training for Valisimo Fashions so get ready. I am so excited.

More details on how to register for the online video classes will be communicated shortly.





7 Responses to Online Video Classes

  1. kgy

    Cant wait…tnks 4 all d effort

  2. Aggie

    I have been waiting for this… Please, keep me updated when you start. More grace.

  3. omolara

    I really enjoy the class

  4. chinenye Agu

    pls mama may God keep on blessing u. more grease to ur elbow.i cant wait to hv d video

  5. Ayemojuba khadijah omosalewa

    I can’t wait ooo

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