Off shoulder dress with Godet insertions 

Off shoulder dress with Godet insertions 


So I was going through my Facebook group yesterday “Valisimo Fashions Sew For Fun ” when I came across this picture. A member of the group had asked for directions on how to cut the next area.looking at the dress closely I fell in love with the design so I thought to help her and you too know how to cut it.?first let’s start by analysing the style.


This dress has several details. In simple terms it’s a Godet off shoulder has gathers on the sleeve, fabric placement on the neck and waist area to compliment the Godets inserted from the hem line. 

  • To make this you will need a plan and patterned fabric. The plain fabric will be about 4 -4.5 yards while the patterned one will be about2 yards. 
  • You also need lining, zip,air stay and warding. 
  • You need your measurements  
  1. Should circumference
  2. Neck
  3. Sleeve length and circumference
  4. Upper bust length and circumference 
  5. Bust length and circumference 
  6. Under bust length and circumference 
  7. Waist length and circumference 
  8. Hip length and circumference 
  9. Half length dress
  10. Full length Dress

This is what we want to do.

Let’s see how we can create the top area .

Making off shoulder tops is so easy.there are two ways to go about it.The first way is to cut the blouse with shoulder first, after confirming it’s the accurate measurements you require… then cut off the section of the shoulder you don’t want.the diagram below shows the cut from the  neck area off.

Eg  let’s say my length is 22 from the shoulder down to the waist ……I would cut out the 22 full and afterwards cut out 4inches for the off shoulder cut.

The second way of cutting off shoulders is to deduct the unwanted areas off before cutting. This way you calculate only the section you need and not all the way though the full length.

Imagine I have length 22 for full covering from the shoulder down ,to cut this i would need to minus about 4 inches off making my new measurement 18 instead of 22. On the 18 I shape my arm hole by 3-4 on the sides.

On our design we have the neck line details that goes across the center neck to the sleeve all the way round.

Then we add the sleeve with gathers at the hem of the sleeve.

The skirt area that would be joined to the bodice can be cut out plain or with Pieces at center like 6 pieces skirts.

This is how to cut this design ??




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