How to make the petals design dress

How to make the petals design dress


How to make the petals design dress
Variations/ Types

Here is another lovely design detail you can use on your dress this week. It’s called the petals design. It is very simple to make. You can follow the pictorials and explanations below. But first, how about combining this lovely outfit with some gorgeous shoes? Click on the images below to purchase.


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Step 1• First determine the size you want. The type in the above pictures is about 8 – 10 inches long and about 6 – 7inches wide. Yours could be smaller, the same or bigger depending on you. You can create your with size graduation. E.g. from small to medium then larger.

Step 2• Make a paper cut or draw a diagram of the exact size you want. Then fold about 5 pieces together, place the paper cut or diagram on the folded fabrics and cut all to the shape of the diagram.

Step 3• sew each to the desired part of your dress. The design in the picture is sewn to the lower section of the sleeve but that’s not the only place it can be.



Variation /Types

It can be placed on the following parts as design.
The top part of the sleeve e.g. both shoulders or single shoulder.
The elbow section or the wrist section. It can be on the bust part,
The waist part or
The hip part of your can place it at the knee part to create a flare at the lower section.

The Shape 

The shape can also change. You can cut round shape.tear drop shape, oval shape etc.

The Edges

You can use bias to tape the edges.
You can cut the edges with the zigzag scissors
You can turn it inside out with facing
You can do baby locks on the edges or
You can just leave it as it is in the picture above but that’s if you are using scuba fabric.

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