How To Make This Simple Short Dress Using High and low Method

How To Make This Simple Short Dress Using High and low Method


Just saw this question on our Facebook group now and I decided to help the sister out.

So the measurements areas needed for this project is as follows

1) Shoulder or back

2) Bust  length and circumference

3) full length of dress as desired

Making this design will require you using about 3 yards plus depending on your size.

Now folding by full round circle will make the bust bigger as it happened to the lady in the facebook group hence making it with side seam is the way to go.

To start cutting divide whatever your bust measurements are into 2 so we have measurements for the front block as well as the back block. 

Here is your fabric placed on fold for your front and back block.

On both blocks, I measured out my bust size plus seam allowance then linked that to my full length also considering how wide I want the circumference area to be (see picture above).

Next, I cut that out. It’s now time to cut my shoulder arm whole and neckline.

On my front block, I cut out the higher section of the dress. This automatically makes the back area low.

Here is what the back block looks like. Because the neck is high in the front, the back block neck has to be with a slit to enable her wear the dress.

Here are the front and back block


The sewing is easy.

Join the blocks together at the shoulder as well as sides

At the end, you will have this. See picture below.

Thanks for reading.

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