Learn How To Make Ankara Overlapped Peplum Top. Follow the easy steps

Learn How To Make Ankara Overlapped Peplum Top. Follow the easy steps


How To Make Ankara Overlapped Peplum Top

Follow the easy steps below to learn how to make ankara overlapped peplum top. I will break this top into 4 different areas namely

  1. The front block 
  2. The back block 
  3. The sleeve and
  4. The peplum area.

Measurements areas needed are

  1. Shoulder/Back- 16″
  2. Neck – 10
  3. Sleeve length – 19 circumference – 13
  4. Upper  bust  length -8
  5. Bust length -11, circumference 42
  6. Underbust length -14 circumference -36
  7. Point to point or bust apart- 8
  8. Waist length – 16 circumference 36
  9. Full length of Blouse 24

The widest measurement among my circumference area is my bust at 42. When I divide that into 2 (for the front and back blocks) have 21 inches. That 21 will be further folded into 2 considering the fact that it has an opening in front. 21÷2 =10.5

Now with that 10.5 inches, I have to add more to it for the side seam 1 inch and the Overlapped area in front about 5 inches. That’s a total of 16.5 inches.

Fold fabric into 2 for the front block. Indicate the side seam and the Overlapped area.

I placed my statistics 10.5 inches for the body and 5 inches for the Overlapped part. Remember fabric is till on fold.

Time to indicate the neck and the lapping area.

Time for the arm hole area and shoulder slope.

When I finally cut it out I have this

The two sides open side by side you should have this.

The back block is easy , I just cut my 21 inches plus side seams.


The sleeve is 13 inches by length 19.

The Peplum Area

Fold your fabric into 4. Cut the inner circle and the outer circle

Making yours should be easy with this step by step illustration. Don’t forget to add your rope so the front part of the top can be secured.  I hope to see you rock this style soon.✌?

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