How to make a high and low peplum

How to make a high and low peplum


High and low peplum


Hello there. It’s peplum making time! Follow the steps to make this High and low Peplum design.

The peplum is a lovely design that produces a very chic look.

Look at the cutouts below to illustrate. Let’s go!

You need about 3.5 to 4 yards of fabric for this.

Measurements areas needed(Fill in the figures below according to your measurements)

CLICK HERE⇐ for my video tutorial on how to take basic measurements if needed

Your shoulder or across the back-
Neck depth length-
Roll Collar length –
Sleeve length and circumference-
Upper Bust length-
Bust length and circumference-
Underbust length and circumference-
Waist length and circumference-
Blouse front length – (high peplum)
Blouse back length – (low peplum)

Materials you will need are
Main fabric

Let the cutting and sewing begin!




Valsimo fashion school enrollment details

We have two methods of teaching. The Bespoke method, also known as the freehand method, and the Pattern Drafting method.
1) Haute Couture Method or Bespoke method. Here, you sew to a clients specification directly from measurements to fabric.

2) Pattern drafting method. This is the commercial process of sewing for mass production creating a foundation on paper before fabric.

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