How To Develop Your Fashion Brand

How To Develop Your Fashion Brand


How to Develop your Fashion Brand

Let’s talk about branding in fashion design

(I wrote this piece for a group today and thought I should share it with you here.hope you find one or two things useful in it ??)

Many today want to go into fashion designing as a full time business but are not fully aware of what it takes to launch a successful fashion business.

Looking at well established fashion designers in Nigeria today,we see that they have one thing in common, and that thing is the fact that -we “KNOW” them either by face or by brand.

The truth is, it didn’t just happen to them, they worked over the years for it. in fact they invested so much time, money, energy and strategy to get to where they are now.

Going back to the point I mentioned earlier about the fact that we KNOW these designers, raises several questions such as -How did we come to know them? What did they do to get this big or famous? Why is that other tailor along my street not progressing like these known designers ? What

can I do to be like these designers that are making notable moves in the Nigerian fashion industry?

How did we come to know them.? They deliberately made themselves known to us.with each statement piece they made over the years they showcased themselves to people around them who in turn told others about them as well (referrals)

They used mediums like fashion shows, photo session press briefing etc to attract celebrity patronage. Once a designer has several celebrity clients he/she becames hot cake to the general public.

What did those now famous designers do then to make them grow?

First they perfected their skills in the art of garments making.its not magical at all.the fact that a person pays the full tuition of a fashion school doesn’t guarantee that the person will “know every thing In 3, 6 or 12 months ” some people make the mistake of just paying but fail to attend classes or do all assignments given.for that kind of person I would say learning this trade is like saving money in the bank, it’s as much as you save that you can claim when it’s time to withdraw?

Why is the tailor near my street not progressing like those famous designers are?

Presentation- she is not presenting her brand well, your business must offer something new. Some tailors don’t see the need to paint that their small shop in other to beautify it they will be like hummmmm, that’s waste of money? they forget how a customers mind works.(most customers would want to pay 5 kobo for 5 million naira feel if they are given the chance)

That’s naija clients for you .Those famous designers know this so they invest in their show room giving their clients the 5star feel not minding the cost. But you walk into the tailors shop down the street and you can’t even seat down because of the smell ?? the cobwebs on the wall, or the fact that she cooks and cleans her baby right where she sews for customers.hummmm lack of presentations will kill any business fast.?

What can I do to be like those famous designers?

You need to up your game seriously. Laziness is a sin in this job.lazy designers don’t ever see the need to correct mistakes while they are sewing. take pictures of your jobs.Regular professional photo sessions ?hummmmm very important ensure to work with professionals don’t cut corners it’s not just about taking useless need to take good pictures, if not, no one will take you serious .

Avoide working with cheap fabrics.invest in a good phone to take pictures.invest in data you can not afford to be off line at anytime.browse fashion related topics. Know the latest trends.mingle with like minds.attend seminars to improve your ready to learn.get your self ready for fashion shows . Place your brand adverts in strategic magazines. Be known for good standard quality good timing and precision. Let your next week be next week especially for clients jobs ,if you have to delay let the client know . Be professional add good finishing and packaging…… customise your brand, good labels ,call cards ,website and social media would help a great deal.

Be presentable, gone are the days when tailors get too busy to make a dress for themselves. You are the first model for your brand dress the way you want to be addressed. Have good customer relationship, good sense of humour?. Above all put God first ……….Be Humble, it’s the best way to reach potential clients.??




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    I’ve heard so much about Valisimo and this is my first time of visiting the website and i must confess,i am glad i did. Nice collections. Beautiful pictures. Marvelous presentation.Keep the good work up.Hope to meet with the VALISIMO crew someday.

  2. Taiwo Folasade

    thank you ma God bless you

  3. Adaranijo Abosede

    madam u arr really talking to me o.i swear. d problem i av is laziness. pls i need to attend seminars on fashion pls hw do i go abt it?

  4. Titani azeezat

    Pls oo i also av d same problem all i do is use my little kids as an excuse

  5. olawunmiegbetayo

    I love your teaching

  6. Judith

    Thank you very much for this piece. You are really inspiring. You have woken me up from my slumber of laziness and stagnation. I will apply all your principles and the sky will be my limit. Thank you once

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