How to cut a Simple Off shoulder blouse

How to cut a Simple Off shoulder blouse


Hi, fashion enthusiasts!

So I’ve been getting many questions on making the Off shoulder blouse lately. I decided to make this for you to see that it’s very easy and you can do it. I actually cut and sewed it this morning… yeah I’m bad like that???

See pictures below the explanations.

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The principle of making this is the same as making something with the shoulder.
There are 2 ways to cut off shoulder styles

1) You can cut it as if you want to put the shoulder on it, then cut the section you don’t want off. That would mean you measure the full length of the blouse and take out the shoulder to the neck area.

2) You deduct the shoulder to the neck part first before cutting the remaining length of the blouse.

The style of cutting I did is the number 2 option. I removed the shoulder and neck first then completed my length of 24 inches.

Eg. 8 for neck
Full length 24
23- 8 = 16

The length of the body now is 16 inches
The wideness of the body. My hip is 43 I simply added 6 inches to that to make it wide because I wanted some gathers in it.
My sleeve is 15inch

After joining the sides, I fixed the hand and passed half inch elastic through the neck and sleeve to make the blouse.

14732222_10154851509975934_1994810305291410801_n    14657271_10154851510160934_15058510724951866_n

14721545_10154851510630934_1976139394521383615_n    14720330_10154851510760934_7636940777592406879_n

14702320_10154851510895934_906802229503293750_n    14717115_10154851510915934_7237401892499030072_n





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  1. Happiness

    Please ma can u include Valisimo fashion Tutorial App for Window phone because it’s not available for Window phone have try several times to download which is not available.

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    Self explanatory thank u ma

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    Lovely I like it

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    Thanks a lot ma.

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    explain in details ma

  7. Pls MA I do I get to know what my neck??

    U said urs is 8… dd u measure urs?

  8. stitchadress

    Nice one! I love the fabric…

  9. Anonymous

    This does not make sense to me

  10. How did u pass the elastic?

  11. Mary

    Thank u very much ma for the self explanatory mth of cutting an off shoulder blouse. As easy as it may seem, after removing 8″ from the top sideshow many inches should one take for the width i.e to get the wideness of the neck, before cutting out the armhole and how will I measure and cut the sleeve bcos I do know the sleeve is not the same way u cut a normal blouse sleeve

  12. princess

    How can I measure off shoulder
    And divided it for cutting

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    Please how will I get the pin for the PDF tutorial


    Pls ma,i need more of your videos.

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