How to create a Flounce dress design

How to create a Flounce dress design


How to create a Flounce dress design

Lecture Time. This tutorial would show you how to create a Flounce dress design

Flounce is one of this year’s most favorite design as most designs we see today has some elements of it.

There are two methods of cutting it that I know of…


Inner circle method

The one illustrated here is done with a method I call the small inner circle method. It means you cut a full circle but the circumference of the inner circle will be small as shown in the illustrations.

Spiral method

The second method of cutting a flounce is the spiral method. Usually, the style you are about to work on will determine which method will be appropriate.

The spiral method can be cut with a simple consideration in mind: the smaller the inner circle is, the more curves you will have. The larger the inner circle is the more your curves will look loose at the end.

This peach and green dress was done with the small inner circle method. The yellow dress and the black top and trouser it’s the spiral method that was used.

Note that the edge of the flounce can be done up by using a full facing or pipping. The fabric weight is also very important. If you working with a lightweight fabric you might need to support the flare so it stands firm.

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