How I Embellished My AMVC2017 Dress

How I Embellished My AMVC2017 Dress


Hummmmmm! This dress was one hot one o. The style is so simple yet elegant. When I dressed up for the AMVC event I didn’t think much of it until I heard people commenting on the embellishments around the neck area as well as the way the dress looked on me. 😉

Talking of the embellishments. When the dress was made, it was so plain and too simple so I started thinking of what to add to it considering the fact that I was so busy during the week to go shopping for trimmings or any accessories to design the dress.

So I decided to embellish it with something this out of the ordinary. Now some of you were asked to return our DVD that wasn’t showing clearly right ?……..🤗  hummmm i requested that one of it be cut into several pieces.

Those pieces of the DVD we cut were now arranged orderly on the neck part of the dress using UHU gum.

To make sure it wasn’t too much of the cut pieces of the DVD we then added stones in the middle using our Stone applicator. (Stone Applicator and UHU gum are available for sale at Valisimo Fashions call 08096577157 to order). At the end, we came up with this lovely embellished design without spending any money on it…….genius right😉😊

My red dress embellishments

I decided to also play with my eyes by adding a blue contact lens which made me look different from my regular look. I totally had fun creating this look with my team at Valisimo Fashions. We did the dress the makeup and took pictures.😙😚

When I got to the event I looked like I was going to get an award too😄😄

I could hear some celebrities say to me while we exchanged greetings oh! You look very beautiful in that red dress…

Pictures of some guests at event below

In my next instructional DVD for advanced tailoring, there will be tutorials on design/embellishments.

Knowing how to sew is one thing, knowing how to turn a plain outfit into a beautifully decorated one is another thing. Decoration usually comes at the end of the sewing. It’s done during garment finishing. Some decoration can make an outfit look cheap while some can make it look rich and expensive.On some decorations, you don’t have to spend any money at all while, some you must spend a fortune on.😉 

All this will be treated in my next DVD volume 3 and 4.The volume 1 and 2 is still available it’s meant to introduce you into the process of cutting and sewing.from measurements to actually sewing over 5 different skirts, bodice, sleeves, etc. To get yours call or WhatsApp us on 08096577157 if you are in Nigeria. If you outside Nigeria call +2348096577157 to order for yours

Detailed tutorial on how to cut this dress coming up in my next post😉

Thanks for reading 

Valerie Boglo 




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  1. Bibi

    Hi Madam boglo, do you still need to use an iron when using the stone applicator? Please, this is urgent.

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