Flared sleeves dress tutorial (Picture culled from Facebook)

Flared sleeves dress tutorial (Picture culled from Facebook)


Flared sleeves dress

Season’s greetings readers. See below one of my holiday sewing tutorials that illustrates how to create a flared sleeves dress.

This holiday season you can do so much by yourself at home.

Any fabric can make this so it doesn’t have to be lace.

Measurements needed:
Sleeve length
Upper Bust
Dress length

If you require explanations for taking these measurements CLICK HERE to watch my simple measurement tutorial.

Take your measurements to fill the list stated above. Then follow the illustrations in the pictures below

Step 1
Divide all the key measurements areas into 2 to determine what your front block and back block will be.

Step 2
Mark your measurements by length on your folded fabric enough to cut your front bodice and more (see picture 3)


Disclaimer: Only the illustrations and explanations were created by Valisimo. The dress is not a creation of Valisimo and has only been used for tutorial purposes.

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