Flared Mono-sleeve dress with gathers. Student work

Flared Mono-sleeve dress with gathers. Student work


Flared Mono-sleeve dress with gathers

Greetings to my dear fashion enthusiasts. This post explains how a student at Valisimo fashion school created this flared mono-sleeve dress with gathers. Follow the explanations and illustrations below.

Style Analysis
Mono sleeve dress with volume design on the sleeve/bodice and 3 volumed layered steps on the additional flare skirt.

Fabric/material used

– 3 pieces of Ankara. Total 18 yards.
Lining, zip material combined 1 yard (I used only half of it). TThe fabric did not give us the lovely effect we wanted at the neck due to its weight so we changed it to organza instead of the one used at the waist and knee. Horse hair braids popularly know as Caroline was also used we got and 2.5 packs of it for each layer of flare.

Peace, a student in Valisimo Fashions School was first assigned this project and she did it with dedication every day she came to class she worked on it. At the time Peace was in the Valisimo Fashions School hostel so she had the privilege of spending long hours in school to complete the project. She volunteered to work on the dress even after class hours. Now that is the kind of dedication you need to be an exceptional fashion designer.

One day, Peace brought me the almost completed dress. It gave me joy to see how hard she had worked on it as how fast she had reached the stage she was at. I thanked her and carefully inspected the outfit.

My professional assessment.

At this time I had to put emotions aside and give Peace constructive criticism of her job. Peace did a great job no doubt, but it wasn’t up to the snuff for a runway display. The sewing was okay at the beginning but got untidy as it progressed. So I asked Peace to take the outfit apart and start it afresh . I could sense her disappointment but I had to push her so she and other students could learn from this experience.

To learn this trade takes serious humility. As unpleasant as this situation was for Peace, she kept her cool. Honestly not many would have been able to endure those hours only to see her design had to be taken apart. Well done Peace, keep up the good work!

In the end, the dress was remade but this time collectively by other students and proper monitoring from the tutors. A project with 18 yards had to be careful monitored. The Fashion show was a success.

Lesson 1 – Be ready to learn no matter what it takes. Peace today can definitely handle this project on her own without any help because she was commited to it from the start.

Lesson 2- Never compromise quality and standards during your production process. If you let a client correct your mistakes for you because you feel you have spent so long a time on it.

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