Five piece skirt and blouse with organza rose detail tutorial

Five piece skirt and blouse with organza rose detail tutorial


Five piece skirt and blouse with organza rose detail

Follow the tutorial videos, text and pictures below to learn how to cut this five piece skirt and blouse with organza rose detail. It is really easy if you patiently follow the steps.

This is the blouse to the 5 piece skirt was cut.ūüĎá


Here is the completed blouse.ūüĎá




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Design Elements

Now I want to talk to you about positioning design elements on clothes.

Have you ever wondered why we design on the left-hand side more than the right side of your outfit?

We would have to go back in time on a history lesson. But first what are design elements? They are anything you add to your outfit to beautify it, they are numerous and cover such a wide range of elements between the expense and inexpensive items. They are made up of different materials such as gold, silver, copper fabrics etc.

This particular tutorial will look at positioning your design elements on the left side of your front bodice. Why is this such a common practice?

The History of left-sided embellishments

Time to go through memory lane. From the early days of history, it’s believed that women in the Victorian era started this. There are more right handed people than left. So when their maids dressed them up (their outfits used to be pretty large then¬†ūüėŹ) it was easier for the right-handed maid to place design elements such as gold pins, broaches, bows,¬†buttons, etc for their madams on the left side.there was usually so much to do to get them dressed up so the fastest way was the best way. Hence the left side, problem solved¬†ūüėĀūüĎć

Madams then also carried around hand fans the types used by many brides¬†today due to the fullness of the dress they wore then,¬†they¬†were mostly right-handed too so any expensive item placed on her right side will not be seen as her fan held on the right hand will cover it. So the left placement was encouraged.¬†ūüėČ


Lastly,¬†military personnel back in the day also placed their logos on the left side for a reason. Some of their logos had metals or pins on them.¬†The heart by anatomy is more to the right so¬†emblems and medals were placed to the left, away from the heart¬†ūüėȬ†(as if to say we know you will die but not by your logoūüėĀ)

Also, most military salutes are done using the right hand so to make sure their logos are not covered by the movement of the right hand they place it on the left side pocket. That way soldiers could easily identify friendlies and enemies.

So in this tutorial, we highlighted 2 major reasons why design elements are placed on the left.
1) For convenience
2) For visibility

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