Fashion designers tutorial: Basic tips for Taking measurements

Fashion designers tutorial: Basic tips for Taking measurements


Basic tips for Taking measurements

Hello readers. Are you a student of fashion designing or are you a fashion enthusiast and you want to learn how to take measurements? Then watch this short tutorial video below in this post on Basic tips for Taking measurements.



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At Valisimo Fashions, we have two methods of teaching. The Bespoke method, also known as the freehand method, and the Pattern Drafting method.
1) Haute Couture Method or Bespoke method. Here, you sew to a clients specification

2) Pattern drafting method. This is the commercial process of sewing for mass production creating a foundation on paper before fabric.

Bespoke Method Tuition fees:

3months- 150,000 Naira only
6months- 250,000 Naira only
9months – 400,000 Naira only

Pattern Drafting Method. Tuition fees are:
3months- 150,000 Naira only
6months- 250,000 Naira only
9months – 400,000 Naira only

Installment payment is allowed at 70% of the total fee at resumption and 30% the following month. You, however, do not qualify for the free sewing machine with installment payment.





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  14. Oge

    Please I want you to help me on the skills I don’t have help

  15. Oge

    I need your help on a skills I don’t have help

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