Design Analysis for Jennifer Lopez 2015 Performance dress 

Design Analysis for Jennifer Lopez 2015 Performance dress 


So yesterday on our Facebook group Valisimo Fashions Sew For Fun  I posted this lovely white dress and I asked the audience to answer the following questions in the picture below……so based on their response I decided to give my own professional opinion


Answer to yesterday’s poser.

For Jennifer lopez performance dress if you said anything less than 25-30 yards of fabric you likely would not get this job if you were peaching for it. This is a 35 yards to 40 yards project on the fabric asides from the lining. Lets put the picture into perspective. Imagine where the camera had to be to take this picture making her look this small as you see it in the picture. That’s to say regular picture zoom area could not take this as a full shot, now why would you think less than 20 yards made this dress. Some even said 6 yards sef??

No body talked about the quantity of lining they would use for it… an outfit this big will need lining and a cone (net might not do the trick due to the volume and weight of the fabric) to lift the fabric off her body, if so it will keep getting  in her way if she tries to walk. This style is not for movement thou. It’s just the beauty of seeing it in one position that matters.

My Duration

If I was given this contract, I would have to go get the fabric from a fabric manufacturer so as to get this very large and long  length types. Using our regular length by 60 will not work on this style there would be too much joining on it. So considering travel logistics as well as traving with an expert in fabric procurement which is under My pre – production or sewing time.

Then My production time

My post production/ finishing on the garment it will be a 4 months project for me with a team of 4 members while I lead the project.

The reason why I have to go with an expert is the people willing to pay for this kind of project will most likely have the power and money to sue me if the project goes bad! So to protect myself from “barufff” buying I must go with an expert on fabric procurement.

My Pricing

As for price, it was used for the Grammys in 2015, by a very super star Jenifer lopez. Any one wanting this style must have deep pockets and must be well connected in our Nigerian society. That factor has to influence my pricing. Considering today’s CHANGE in NIGERIA  I wouldn’t go less than 7 – 10million naira on the price.


To get the fabric alone I will have to import it.and if you know what importation is saying now you will think very clearly before taking this project on. Plus  I must seek the advice of an expert to get the fabric, pay my self and my team of 4, get materials etc…  If I am not getting that much I am getting something equivalent to that …( it might be for a project or show and maybe the organisers don’t want to pay that much, they will have to promise me on a written agreement some mega hype before during and after the show) if not the can meet another tailor that will take less and not deliver the exact style but something???

The red dress.

I also did a test for the group on this dress. I asked them to name the design element on this red dress

The top 3 answer given were cascade, waterfall and flounce.

So here is my reply?

If you said it Cascade you are very correct. According to Google

If you type the following

1) Cascade dress

2) Water fall dress

3) Flounce dress

It’s only cascade that brings out this exact design on the pictures…….go check it out. Go to Google image and type the above words into the search engine ?

Thanks for reading

Boglo Valerie


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