Center-Joined Dress design illustrated

Center-Joined Dress design illustrated


Center-Joined Dress design

Lovely day to you out there. I came across this lovely center-joined dress design and I would really be glad if a few of you can practice this very simple design soon 😊

This style is a combination of two fabrics to create both sides. Both sides are also identical in terms of cuts. For extra effect, you too can use identical fabrics in different colors. You may need about 3- 4 yards depending on your size.

Measurements needed below(please use yours). My measurements were taken in inches.

Click HERE for the tutorial on how to take measurements

Shoulder- 16
Neck depth – 4
Sleeve length – 18 (for the puff push up)
Bust length from shoulder -11/ circumference 4Underbust
st length – 15 / circumference 40
Waist length -17 /circumference – 38
Hip length – 24 / circumference 46
Dress length 45

Step 1.

Divide the bust waist and hip circumference into 4 equal parts. Two would be front blocks and the other two would be back blocks.



Step 2.

Use the length of your dress measurements to get your spread. Fold your spread into 4. 2 at the front 2 at the back. Determine your flare width and lastly, take out 1 inch on all 4 folds for the front joining and back zip.

Step 3.

On all 4 folds mark out your measurements by length. That is- neck from the shoulder, bust from the shoulder, waist from the shoulder and hip from the shoulder.

Step 4.

Your circumference divided by 4 for each specific place will be calculated and marked:

Bust 44 ÷ 4 = 11
Waist 38 ÷ 4 = 9.5
Hip 46 ÷4 = 11.5

Step 5.
Link the shoulder to the upper bust line to get your armhole. Link the armhole down to the bust, waist, hip and the dress width to create your flare. Cut out your linked shape. Remember to add seam allowance.
Step 6.
Add sleeve. Cut your sleeve length about 3 inches longer than required to create the puff push up. Add elastic to the arm part.
Step 7.
Join the shoulders together.
Join the front blocks together and add lace on it for decoration. To the back block add the zip. Join front block and back block together at the sides. Add your puff sleeve.

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