Beginner’s lesson: Drafting a Basic Block Bodice

Beginner’s lesson: Drafting a Basic Block Bodice


Beginner’s lesson: Drafting a Basic Block Bodice


Days ago, a lady on my facebook group page, Valisimo fashions sew for fun, copied a drawing of a skirt and blouse she saw in her daughter’s coloring book. Taking it a step further to actually making it, she found herself stuck. What should be the next steps in making this simple skirt and blouse? Below are some simple steps that gave her some ideas. Maybe it might be useful to you too.

First, you should have your measurements for the body sections taken.

Next step is to cut out the blocks of the outfit. From the drawing, I see a tube top and a high and low skirt.

You need to know how to draft a basic block bodice.

This is how a bodice looks on you below.


Observe the red lines. The last image shows the bodice on one side. This is assuming that we folded the front fabric into 2.

From that fold let’s label our measurements areas.

1) Use your desired length from shoulder down to the hip and other sections.

2) Cut what would cover her from side to side as the breadth of the outfit.

3) Fold into 2.

4) On your folded fabric get the shoulder on fold, bust on fold, waist on fold, hip on fold.

Between the shoulder and the bust mark out your desired length of the neck. the arm hole is usual about 2 to 3 inch above the bust line.mark and curve it

The arm hole is usual about 2 to 3 inches above the bust line. Mark and curve it.

5) Connect the dots before you cut add seam allowance to the sides.

This is how you draft your basic bodice. Now let’s see how to turn this into a tube for her daughters dress.?

When spread open you should have this.
At this stage, we cut the top part off to make it a tube for the front and back block. This is the same method used for off-shoulders.
You can then take it further by dividing the front block into 3 sections. The back may be 2 or 4 depending on where you want the zip to be.
Now for the Roses. These images below should help you out.
For the skirt, the picture below should help
I can’t wait to see how the outfit would look. I’ll be sure to post it on the blog when her dress is created.
Happy sewing!



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  1. Eleojo

    Very happy to find this blog /page. I am so ready to learn more. God bless you and reward you richly.

  2. Abioye Merily

    I have learnt a lot both from the sewing group and this page too. i hope to save up enough money to be able to join your physical class soon. God bless you maam

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