Another lovely overlapped dress design explained

Another lovely overlapped dress design explained


Overlapped dress design explained

Here is another tutorial on the overlapped dress design. Pay particular attention to the sleeve. Many people asked questions about how the sleeve of a previous overlap design I had posted was made.

This was created the same way. First, you cut the regular sleeve length then add extras for your intended folds. Then to hold the folds in place you fold in and tack each fold in place. See illustrations below in this post.

If you require explanations for taking measurements CLICK HERE⇐ to watch my simple measurement tutorial 

Tutorial DVD

Our fashion DVD has topics like an overlapping design tutorial to help you further, including tutorials on creating a basic bodice, basic skirt etc. to help you make this lovely dress. If you require more explanations, take advantage of the opportunity to get a copy while they are still available. To contact our sales rep on Whatsapp to request a copy CLICK HERE.

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