Alter Neck Jump Suit

Alter Neck Jump Suit


About last Night

Alter neck jump suit with ruffles on the side and a large gathers rose was my selections for the lamode magazines nomination party last night.

This outfit was inspired by one of my trousers creations in the past.i decided to take the trouser to the next level by making it into a jumpsuit. Its backless so i tired the front to my neck.

The one leg ruffles was done by making gatherings round the seam.we cut the gathers at 5 inches so each time the leg moves the gathers create an amazing effect.

I didn’t make this jump suit with hip pad details, but i could have if i wanted it.have you paid for your hip padding class 30th September the price will change. Go get it now

Next week is the main award, October 1,my fingers are crossed. We are nominated for the Fashion Accademy of the year .i cant wait😋

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  1. Adebowale Precious

    Great job

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