Prospective trainees will do well to study in detail the following terms and conditions of service provided by the school.


Preceding the registration, the applying candidates who are of age and eligible must ensure to be present for a personal interview to be conducted by the acceptance director and/or operations manager, this is to ensure the schools admission policies are clearly relayed to the applicant whose interest and expectations are also taken into cognizance before completing the application for Consideration and registration form. Trainees whose Application are approved will be notified immediately or within 48 working hours in case of crash and special programs . The Director will then complete the Acceptance Agreement that must be accompanied by the required bank teller indicating a non-refundable Attendance Fee paid by the trainee.


The school requires full attendance fees to be paid before commencement of training or a minimum of 70% in cases of installment wherein the student is granted only the grace of 15 or 30 days to remit balance of 30% as it applies to varying circumstances . Only legal bank tellers are accepted as such payments for required program specifications will not be accepted in cash or via cheques. Transfers are only validated after verification as such applicants are required to come with printed bank notification slips indicating proof of payments.


Regular full time classes will run on weekdays between 11am and 3pm daily, theory classes will hold on Mondays along with practicals and from Tuesday to Friday. Part time and special programs will run only on the allotted days scheduled for classes as arranged by the admission officer. Students are required to attend all classes as arranged to suit various program specifications. The school will not be held liable for students absence from school


The school has made adequate provisions for applicants travelling from far to study while being accommodate d in the school boarding facility at a subsidized rate.

However, candidates who wish to take this advantage must apply and satisfy the schools requirement s and completely fill the school hostel request form ensuring to cooperate with the person in charge. Note that students will have to be duly checked in and out of the facility at resumption and graduation day.


Asides the regular curriculum, the school has made provisions for additional tutorials and practical to cover related areas in your course of study ranging from leadership to skill development, entrepreneurship classes and lots more. Applicants are required to participate in these extra classes and pay all dues necessary to cover these provisions as they all sum up to the students total GPA for assessment.


Practical and examinations are mandatory requirements for students in partial fulfillment of their obligation towards the school as such it is a pre-requisite for promotion and graduation, the school therefore reserves the right to suspend students classes should they fail to meet the required expectation in various sessions. All assignment including class assessment and attendants record constitute a student total GPA

Regular full time classes will run on weekdays from 10:00am – 3pm for fashion school and 11:00am – 3pm for makeup.

Part time classes will hold for fashion school only on Saturdays 10:00am – 5pm.

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