Here is one of my birthday dresses

Fabric – Sugar lace and soft net and bridal satin

Quantity – Sugar lace 3.5 yards

  • Sugar lace 3.5 yards
  • Soft net 20 yards
  • Bridal satin 5 yards
  • Lining 5 yards

Colour -Beige, gold, and cream.

Other material used

  • Zip
  • Air stay
  • Warding
  • Thread

Paper Illustration 

Some time ago I talked about the secret behind pieces designs, click here for further Reading

I told you there are several ways to cut it.using that same principle let’s talk about making a dress instead of a skirt.

Dresses are a combination of the bodice and the skirt block together. So if you can draft a blouse simply extend the length to include the skirt block. 6-pieces dress means 3 pieces in front 4 pieces at the back because of the zip.

I will start with the 3 blocks in front. All we are expected to do here is divide our statistics into 2 for the front block and back. Then further divide the front block measurement into 3 and the back block measurement into 4 (because of the zip at the back).

The above picture is the 3 cuts for the front. Now I will fold the center front to place my statistics.

When spread open fabric should look like this

At the neck area, there is a band detail there so let’s cut it out now.

The Back Block

The back block is different from the front block for two major reasons

  1. The bust area in the front block has space for the bust while the back block is cut out straight without space.
  2. The front block is cut into 3, the center back is cut into 2 to accommodate the zip.

Also, the ban detail is not at the back.

The sleeve is added. 

Also, the gathers is added


I sure did enjoy wearing this very beautiful dress for my birthday

Thanks to everyone for showing me love on my birthday. It’s now I know the meaning of being a public figure. As much as I tried, i couldn’t reply all your prayers and comments.so here is one very big thank you from us all at Valisimo Fashions.

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Thanks for reading.





  1. mary Edet

    i really appreciate this group for your help

  2. Ramot idi

    Good job you ma you have done a great job.
    Am looking forward to join your online class one of this day.

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