Sleeveless Blue Gown by CEO Olumi

Sleeveless Blue Gown by CEO Olumi


Not many designers catch my attention in a good way because I can sew just as they can, sew so what?😄

But CEO-Olumi is one amazing designer because she takes her embellishments on designs to another level. Anyway that’s a story for another day😉

Here is how to make this lovely one she has on.

You can use this same fabric concept Ankara and demi, or plan and pattern fabric or even bridal satin plain and printed on😃😃 yes so many ideas coming to my head.

You will need zip and lining for the body depending on the kind of fabric you go for.

Measurement areas you will need:

Neck Depth
Upper bust -length and circumference
Bust- length and circumference
Underbust – length and circumference
Waist – length and circumference
Hip circumference
Dress length1
Dress length 2 (the additional flare length)

Divide what you have on your bust waist and hip into 2.

First part divide into 3 front blocks.

Second part dividend into 3 as well plus zip at the back.

Happy sewing. I hope to see your designs soon.


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