The Story behind My Short White Dress

The Story behind My Short White Dress


My Short White Dress tutorial

How it was made.

About 3 months ago I got this fabric and decided to make a short dress with it. So I cut the style and gave it to Chisom, one of my lovely assistants, to sew for me.

Back- 15
Neck – 5
Bust – 42
Waist – 37
Hip – 44
Length – 40

And so it was made. I didn’t plan to make the dress for the event I wore it to. I had been very busy lately so when the time came to get dressed up,  I remembered my lovely white dress so had to look for it in my closet… and then when I put it on I was so shocked at how much weight I had lost!

The above measurement wasn’t my size anymore. I had lost so much weight in a space of 2 months because that was when I started a new weight loss product someone introduced to me. I have also been more conscious of what I eat now more than before. So I had to slim the dress down before I was able to use it, else you all would have laughed at the fit (LOL).

As for the product I used… if you want details, send me a message or WhatsApp +2348096577157. Kindly note that it’s not for those who are not serious about losing weight… it’s a bit expensive but very effective… just look at my neck you will know the thing works😄




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