Wrapped Pieced Skirt

Wrapped Pieced Skirt


Wrapped Pieced Skirt

How to cut wrapped pieced skirt

The last time we talked about the different ways we can cut our pieces skirts: http://valisimofashions.com/secret-behind-pieces-skirts/ but today we want to take it a step further by looking at how we can cut our wrapped pieces skirt…


In our last class about ways to cut pieces skirt we identified 3 major ways, Vertical method, Horizontal method and Diagonal method .

Today we will be learning how to cut the wrapped pieces skirt using vertical method.

Principle of Wrap Designs

Principles behind cutting wrapped design is you must have 3 blocks. Regular skirts have 2 front and back block. But for wraps 2 front blocks.the and 1 back block.

Now to further divide the blocks to many more pieces do this:

Divide your waist and measurement into the number of pieces you want .eg waist  36 ÷ 6 = 6 (+1 for seam allowance ) =7

Hip 40÷6 = 6.6 (+1 for seam allowance) = 7.6 

Fold your panels into the number of pieces you want by the full length of your skirt . Your folds can be 6 or more than 6.

Mark on the folds your waist hip and knee measurements. 7 for waist 7.6 for hip using my above division

This should cover your front and back block like regular skirts after joining

 you then add your last block to complete the 3 block principle for wrapped skirt.

1,2,3 = Inside front

4,5,6 = Back

7,8,9 = Front

Follow the steps in each picture to get the blouse.

The 3 blocks for the front.

The sleeve area has gathers between the arm hole area and the neck area.

add your sleeve. As well as the back block for the blouse.

This is how you caution this style using your own measurements. If you have problems with translating you measurement into design then you should get the Sewing Made easy DVD from Valisimo Fashions. All you need to understand the process is carefully detailed in the DVD by me.



Cutting and sewing is very easy especially when you know how to.Thats why I took time out to start from the beginning with you on our Sewing Made Easy Tutorial on DVD. You should get your copy if you haven’t all ready. You will understand how clothes are supposed to seat on your body or on your clients body. Request for one today and see your understanding about fashion gradually changing. Soon you too would cut and sew like a pro😉 To order send us a WhatsApp or text on +2348096577157 we can deliver to you at an extra cost within Nigeria and outside Nigeria. Get yours and get started…….sewing is fun.😘




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