Overlapped Peplum dress. Part 1

Overlapped Peplum dress. Part 1


I saw this question on Facebook recently some was asking about how to go about making this style, so here it is.

This style is called an OVERLAPPED Peplum Design. There are several ways to create an overlapped style in terms of the direction the fabric crossing is placed. On my next post, I will show you another variation of the Overlapped design. First, let’s learn how to cut this.

This style could be done as a peplum dress or as a peplum top and straight skirt.

Principles for Overlapped design states that any part you have to lap must be cut double or more.

The Front Bodice 

Using the above principles, have your front block doubled then you shape out the right side and the left side separately with your measurements.

Measurement Areas Needed 

You will need your shoulder, neck depth, armhole depth, upper bust, bust, under bust, waist, then your bust circumference and under bust circumference

When separated you should have this

When you place both on each other you will have this. Remember to add darts so you shape the bust area.

Let’s cut the back of the top.

The back will be in 2 cuts because of the zip you are to add to it.and remember to add darts.

The peplum part

To cut this fold your fabric into 4.get out the waist plus 2 inches for the zip. Also get the length of the peplum plus 1.5 inches for seam allowance on the waist and hemline of the peplum.

When placed together with the top part you should have this

Time for the straight skirt

The straight skirt is simply an elongated basic skirt. You will need your waist hip knee length and full length to cut this.

The back block is 2 inches wider than the front because of the zip.

When all the cuts are joined together you have the full dress this way

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