Mono strip flounce dress illustrated

Mono strip flounce dress illustrated


Mono strip flounce dress

How this Mono strip flounce dress was made.

Depending on your size you might need about 4 yards of fabric to get this design.
Soft scuba fabric will be perfect…

First get your mono sleeve tube bodice out.
Then your straight cut skirt. Join bodice and skirt together to form the dress

then place your spiral cut flounce in front of the mono sleeve all the way to the back.

The sleeve is extended so you cut enough fabric for the extended sleeve. See the illustrations below.

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  1. Thanks for three job well done! I was actually looking for a good fashion school to take a brush up course after leaving fashion designing for like 20 years. I love what am seeing from vilosimo and would like to get trained here. The distance challenge is what I need to work on now. My training will be Fridays and Saturdays I will be glad if I have a space and be traine looking forward to hearing from you sir/ma.
    Mrs Banny

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