How to create Layers of flare Sleeve

How to create Layers of flare Sleeve


Ok this sleeve is nothing but gorgeous…there’s just some extra sexiness to it that makes it look absolutely fabufabulous. I am definitely making an outfit with this sleeve soon. So today we are going to learn how to cut this particular sleeve. First let me do the style analysis of the dress then I will go into the tutorial for the sleeve.

Style Analysis 

This outfit has several details combined together to for a lovely dress. I will categorise them into two main sections.

The dress and

The sleeve


The dress
is divided into 3 main sections.

The Yoke. That’s the light net inserted on the top part of the dress. Note that the insertion is also at the back.

The Bodice The front bodice is in 3 sections. Two side and the center front. This section has to be padded around the bust area. Ensure you get the bust measurement correctly transfered onto your fabric before sewing. The back has the zip dart and the yoke insertion also. 

The skirt. The skirt is your basic skirt with front block and back block. It’s slightly longer than the knee length and penciled along the hem line. Finally it has a slit at the back to enable movement considering how shapely it is. This style is very easy to make as long as you know how to manipulate each cut.😉


Time to talk about the sleeve.

How to make this layer flare Sleeve

Cold shoulder design sleeve with layers of flare. I have done full detailed tutorial on trousers before… you can check previous tutorials on the blog to find it. So I will go into the main topic for the day…that’s the layered flare Sleeve.

The layered Flare sleeve 

First determine how many layers you want. Then cut out square shapes for your flares.

* Fold each fabric into four in readiness for your measurements of each flare.

* Measure out your desired length on each floded fabric for your flare

* Make sure there is an interval between each flare length. Eg. 2-inch or 2.5-inch interval… the reason for this is so we can see the deference between the lengths.

* Circle out each flare at the top and bottom and then cut out the excess. I have marked my paper in different colours to help us identify each flare

When you spread out your flares you should have this. 

Note that each flare has the same size of cut on the top that’s because it has to be the same circumference measurements of the sleeve you are to join to the flare.

To to the exact type of sleeve in the picture  (the black dress or white top) all 5 of the flares will be joined together at that same spot with the armpit part of the dress. Then you pip each flare with bias to neat the edges.

How to cut this sleeve

But if you want to have a variation of this sleeve you can add fabric to that arm area, while you move all the flare to the elbow section.


The pen here is representing the sleeve, or the arm area mentioned.

As for the cold shoulder area, on the sleeve around the shoulder part, you take out your desired space and cut it out to the length you want.

See the different variations you can get making this lovely design.

I hope you enjoyed your read. Always check out this blog for sewing tips and more. I would love to see your designs using this sleeve soon. I am definitely making one for myself soon too.😉

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