How To Make This Red Dress

How To Make This Red Dress


How To Make This Red Dress

The inspiration for my red dress came from this white one. I fell in love with the white dress as soon as I saw it. But I also knew I had to make mine with some differences so it doesn’t seem as if I borrowed the dress from her😆 Coping a style From A-Z is a No-No for me😐 especially if I am to wear it. I must add a twist to mine. You too can follow the explanations and illustrations below to understand how to make this red dress.

So I started by using a red coloured creep fabric. I also made provision of the transparent net for the sleeve. That was easy though because I never liked wearing sleeveless outfits anyway. Lastly, I changed the neckline of my design to enable me to have detailed embellishments.

My Measurement

Note: Measurements are in inches.

1) Back- 15

2) Neck- 7

3) Arm circumference- 10

4) Sleeve length – 25

5) Bust length /circumference- 11/42

6) UnderBust length/ circumference 15/38

7) Waist length/ circumference – 17/ 36

8) Hip circumference- 44

9) Knee Length Dress- 40

10) Full-Length Dress  – 65

Illustration of our design 

Let’s start with the bodice and sleeve.

Cutting The Bodice

Here are the front and back blocks. To get this, I folded my fabric into two for front block also did the same for the back block. Then I marked out my measurement areas.

My bust by length is 11 inches. I deducted 4 inches out of my fabric first for the neck and sleeve part of my off shoulder, now out of the 11, I am left with 7 inches. From the beginning of the fabric for the front I measured the 7 inches down and mark it, that’s my Bust point (the idea is from that point all the way up it must measure 11 even though there is no fabric there because it is an off-shoulder design).

Next, I measure just 4 inches down to mark my under bust. Note that it’s 15 in length when I measure from up to down just like we did the bust measurement 11 too.

Next, I divide my Bust circumference into two for front block and back block. 42 ÷2 = 21 + 5 inches for seam allowance = 26

26 inches placed on fold =13

13 – 4.5 = 8.5

The 4.5, when spread open, becomes 9 inches for the center front  (8 for point to point while half an inch is for sewing each side together).

My total for the front is 21 remember, now I have gotten my center front 8 plus 1 inch for the seam. It means 21-8 =13

13 ÷ 2 = 6.5 for each side cut.

But we have 8.5 from our 13 placed on the fold. 8.5 –6.5 = 2 inches for seam allowance on the center and side.

This pad was added to the bust area in front while sewing-

The back is 21 + 5 inches for side seam and zip. Total 26 placed on fold the dart area was cut open and joined back.

The length was 17 from shoulder down plus 1 inch for seam allowance to join it to the skirt.

The Skirt

First full length is 65. We already have 17.

65-17 =48.

Using my hip 44 (the biggest part of my measurement) I divided my fabric into 2 for the front block skirt and the back block skirt. That’s 22. I then added 2 inches for freeness and another 2 inches for seam allowance.  That’s a total of 26.

26 placed on fold. I marked out the waist. Hip knee length and floor length. See paper illustration on the right.

Next I shape out my cut using 26 on fold by 48 skirt length for the front. The circumference is not too wide.

The back is cut slightly different because of the tail the dress has.

I added extra length for the tail area that’s why the back length is longer than the front length. I added 15 inches to the length.

See the length difference between the front skirt and back skirt.

When placed together front and back it looks like this.

Here are the side flares. The one on the left side is longer than the one on the right side.

When I placed it on the front skirt is had this.

Arrangements of all the cuts gave me this.

Here is the dress after all the joining and lining inside.

After the sewing and the embellishments I had this amazing design 😋😙😚

Now which design do you prefer. Dress A or dress B….?

Choose wisely because Recharge card May or May Not follow 😜🤑😁😉 I love you guys.

It’s Valisimo Fashion School. We love to see your various designs on this piece soon😋

Valerie Boglo .CEO Valisimo Fashions 




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    Thanks much ma. But wow oh, i can’t believe all this glittering am seeing is a cutted out CD plate. Gosh u too good mennnnnn. Nice combination👍. Expecting d advanced sewing tutorials CD. It’s really gonna be very helpful . Thank u so much ma for sharing your gift with us. Kissssssss. By d way i prefer d red dress n damn ur eyes,😊 I love that contact lens.😍

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    Yours is better. It fits properly.

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    Thanks so much for the illustration and thorough explanations. Love the red one.

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    B for sure

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    My choice is B d red one…. It more mature n classy…. Tanx maam… God increase ur knowledge….

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    Thank u ma its lovely but would appreciate pictorial illustrations.

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