How I made the side pleats and rose.

How I made the side pleats and rose.


Today I am gonna show you how to use gathers and pleats as a design element on a dress.

First I would start with the pleats. I cut out a straight fabric ensuring that it’s more than I need.

Next I determined the intervals I want on the pleats and start the pleating process. To hold the pleats in place, I added airstay and ironed it together with the pleats

This is what the back looked Ā like

Next I cut out the size I wanted. Top stitched it and added lining to cover the airstay.

I then cut out the sequence on my main dress and replaced it with the pleat design I just made.

Then sewed it together making sure all the edges are neatly done.

Time for the rose. I wanted a very large rose design so I cut my fabric on spiral cut with 5 inches interval.

for the top part of the rose I did industral locks on it, to make it neat while on the lower part of the rose I did gathers. At the end, the gathers was all brought together to form the large side rose

I looked so fab for the event that day.You know sequence always looks better with lights……and it was a nighttime event so I looked lit up šŸ¤˜all the way āœŒšŸ˜Ž

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Thanks for reading. I love you all.




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  1. Precious

    thank you ma, God bless you…..please how did you pattern the dress?

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