How I Made My Cold Shoulder Design Sleeved Dress.

How I Made My Cold Shoulder Design Sleeved Dress.


How I Made My Cold Shoulder Design sleeved dress.

I was out and about in town the day I saw this fabric at a lady’s store in town. Usually, I don’t like impulse buying, so most times I never hold cash when I am going to areas I know I will get tempted to buy things. But on this day I really tried my best to run away from the fabric at the end I couldn’t I had to buy it 🙈 from the store I already knew the style I was going to make with it.



The Making

My measurement

Shoulder 15

Neck 7

Sleeve length 14

Bust 42 +5

Waist 36 +5

Hip 44 +5

Length 60

Using my hip measurement of 45+5=50  I divided the 50 into 2 for the front and back block. So each block is 25 inches.

To complete length of my dress at 60, I joined about 16 inches to my regular 45 inch Ankara Fabric. Study the picture below.

Next I move to the arm hole area and neck area. At first I wanted a different type of neck line but I changed my mind and went for the deep U neck line.

Here is when I cut it out.

Here is the front and back block. The only difference between them is the neck line. The front neck line is a deeper 7 inches, while the back is higher 1.5 inches.l thought about having very large pockets in front so I cut it out here.

The sleeve… I wanted a full gathers sleeve with cold shoulder design detail on this dress… so here is how I cut it out. I folded my fabric into two as a square and then cut out 2 semi circles.

When folded it looks like this.

See how it looks placed along side the dress.

Sewing the sleeve was quite easy, let’s simply added elastic to the flare for the sleeve.

As for the neck and armhole finishing, I pipped it. I then fixed the sleeve half way on the armpit area. Next I placed the pockets in front and finally joined the sides together and finished the hem line.

To take my design to the next level I bejeweled it with stones using my Stone applicator.

 Here is the Amazing result. I definitely was looking like a new African wife the day I rocked this outfit. People kept commending the design on me and I felt good knowing I made it the same day I got the fabric 🤗😉 .

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  1. Omo Nkem

    Simple and classy….thank you ma’ma for sharing.

  2. Adeyinka Gbagba

    Thanks for sharing

  3. It shows you how to draft a pattern for a box pleated A-line skirt, using the method I learnt in my pattern drafting for fashion design class.

  4. Ejay

    Please how did you cut the sleeve and what part did you put the elastic

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