Gathers sleeve blouse

Gathers sleeve blouse


Hello everyone. See the paper illustration of this lovely blouse. The designer is unknown to me but someone requested for an explanation on it on my facebook group.
I should make this lovely top soon because its simple, elegant and would look lovely with jeans. When I make mine, I will post the entire process on our mobile app 😉

Yes, congratulations to those that subscribed to the app 50% discount promo then… some people even paid for 6 months at one go!

Now you need about 2 and a half yards for this will need zip as well as lining for the body.

Your measurement areas needed:

-Shoulder or across back
-Neck Depth –
-Sleeve length
-Sleeve circumference
-Upper Bust
-Length of Top

Next is your calculation and translation stage using your derived measurements
Then lastly your sewing stage.😄


Honestly, sewing is fun and I love breaking down the process step by step. Get the Valisimo DVD, Volumes 3, 4, 5 has tutorials on bodice division tutorial in it.

Happy sewing😉

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