Gathers dress (Credits to Facebook post)

Gathers dress (Credits to Facebook post)


Gathers dress

I saw this Gathers dress and automatically fell in love with the cuts, so thought I show you how to make it. Honestly, it’s so beautiful. Go ahead and click the share button.

To make this gorgeous dress you will need about 10-15 yards of fabric depending on the fabric weight and texture.

You will need your total body measurements. I will talk about two aspects here.
1) Take your full length and add about 20inch extra or more to the length to create this fullness extending round the dress. At the back section, you can increase the 20 inches by some more inches.

2) from the total full length deduct about 6, 7 or 8 inches at the top to create the off shoulder depending on how low you want it.



The dress has a super puff sleeve and an exaggerated lower section made with gathers. The top bodice has a net insertion dividing the bust area into two. Lastly, it has a band. Looking at it it’s pretty simple to make. The beauty is in the fullness of the fabric.



Note that dresses like this are simply made for the picture effects and so actually wearing it to an important event will get you noticed on the red carpet 😄😄 I am definitely gonna do this lovely style soon for myself!

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