Full flare High & low top

Full flare High & low top


High and low top

Ok… so I know you remember this fabric. It’s the one I made that simple long dress I posted here some weeks ago…

It’s with the leftover Ankara fabric from that long dress project I decided to use in making this amazing top. I simply combined it with a white lace fabric to come up this design:

Making this top is really easy. Let me explain how you can make yours.

Measurements Areas Needed 

1) Shoulder – 16

2) Neck depth-  6

3) Sleeve –  length 16 /circumference 15

4) Upper bust length 8/ circumference  42

5) Top length-  32

Style Analysis 

I will break this style into 2 major parts. 

  1. The flare part
  2. The Top bodice part. 

To make the flare you must ensure you have enough fabric. I used about 3.5 yards of Ankara Fabric this. (In pieces though because its leftover fabric from a previous project)

Next fold your fabric into 4 in readiness to cut out the circle for your upper bust area of 42.

I determine my length 32, out of the 32 I deduct 8 inches for the white lace part so I am left with 32 -8 = 24 inch (I also added seam allowance to join it and hem the edges)

My Upper bust circumference is 42. When I divide that into 4, I have 42÷4= 10.5

I also add seam allowance for joining back my fabric

Now the above picture shows the number of pieces i cut out.y

Yours doesn’t have to be this way. Mine is so because I used leftover fabric.

The Top bodice part

Remember I deducted 8 inches from my total length of 32. To cut the 8, I added 1 inch seam allowance making it 9 inches. Then I cut the neck line 5.5 after sewing it becomes 6. Then I cut the arm hole area on the top.

For the back I cut same 9 inches  but made the neck higher and divided it into 2 for opening at the back.

Placing the flare part and the top together I have this. Front block below

Back block below. Notice the overlapped part of the lace. Thats the opening area.

Then I added my sleeve to the cut.

The high and low part of the top was easy, I just reduced the front length making the back longer  

For the sewing part, I hemmed the edges of the fabric all round.

Here is the facing on the sleeve. I also did facing on the neck area and the opening at the back.

After joining the top and flare part. 

there is the back.

Here is the front part.

I know I looked fabulous in this lovely design. I will be making another soon as some of my clients have made request to have the exact replica of this design. So you will get to watch the live tutorial soon on Valisimo Mobile App. 😉. Go to Google play store . download now

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Thanks for reading 😊




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