Tuition Breakdown


Fashion School


We have 2 types of learning methods
1) Haute Couture Method or Bespoke method. Here, you sew to a clients specification

2) Pattern drafting method. This is the commercial process of sewing for mass production creating a foundation on paper before fabric.

Bespoke Method

3months 135,000 Naira only.

6months 235,000 Naira only

9months is 350,000 Naira only

Pattern Drafting Method. Promo prices are:
3months- 150,000 Naira only
6months- 250,000 Naira only
9months – 400,000 Naira only


Installment payments allowed: 70% on the first month and 30% on the second month


Make up School

  • 2 months basic class training 150k + makeup kits
  • 4 months basic and advanced training 250k + makeup box
  • 6 months basic and advanced/ professional training.450k + Makeup kits

HOSTEL FEE ₦20,000 monthly applicants are expected to pay upfront for the duration of time required for their course.
Students are to purchase their product kit and work materials only from the school based on individual budget

Account details

Account Name: Valisimo Fashions
Account No.: 4010792028
Bank: Fidelity

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