Overlapped Gathers dress. Part 2

Overlapped Gathers dress. Part 2


Overlapped Gathers dress

Overlapped Gathers dress

This type of overlapping follows the same principles as the one I explained previously in part 1. It basically has two front blocks and has a back opening for the zip part. Finally, it has gathers on the skirt area.

Here is how I cut mine. I measured what would cover my front block in two. Then on both blocks, I cut out the neck and the armhole area. ThenIi shaped out my side. By the way, the video tutorial of this dress is on our mobile app with measurement details. So to watch me cut it head straight to the mobile app. If you haven’t downloaded it yet now is the time to. Click this link https://goo.gl/v4uXH7

On the front block before sewing i added air stay to all the cuts.i also added airstay to the lining as well, at the neck i add my lining and the band.

For the back I added dart and zip plus the back lining.

After joing the front and back block together at the shoulder and side this is what i have.

For the gathered part. I deducted my half length (shoulder to waist ) from my full length (shoulder to ankle) to get the gathers portion.

Then the volume was more than 3 yards.

I sewed the gathers on the top part I had created and added lining to it.

This was the end result. Finally decorated it with a rose.

I want to show you another variation of the Overlapped design. The green dress was made about 3 years ago… read my next post to see how this was created.

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  1. Onyinyechi

    Thanks for the teaching. I will like to get the DVD.

  2. Onyinyechi

    Thanks for the teaching. I will like to get the DVD.

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