Ankara Jumpsuit with Versatility Fabric Elastic

Ankara Jumpsuit with Versatility Fabric Elastic


So I made this Ankara Jumpsuit with Versatility Fabric Elastic last week and of course rocked it to work. Let me say I looked awesome in it and it was extremely easy to make.I used the following Measurements

1) Back – 16

2) Neck – 4

3) Sleeve length/circumference  – 18/10

4) Upper bust length/ circumference- 8/40

5) Bust- length / circumference-11/42

6) Under Bust length/circumference 15/38

7) Waist length/circumference -18/36

8) Hip length/circumference -22/44

9) Thigh circumference – 22

10) knee circumference- 16

11 ) full length/ circumference  – 50/10

Step 1.

I started with my back bodice. My bust circumference is 42.i divided the 42 into 2 for my front and back bodice.42 ÷ 2 = 21

For the back block, I have 21 inches plus 2.5 for zip and when cutting I have 23.5 on fold by my half length or waist length.

half length or waist length is 18.when cutting I cut 19 for seam on the shoulder and waist joining.

So from the above picture I placed my fabric on fold and cut out 23.5 by 19 for my back.

at this stage I cut out the desired neck line as well as sleeve.also I mark out my dart leg.

My finished cut looks like this.

Steps 2

I cut out my front bodice. Sorry I forgot to take the picture while I was working but not to worry on another tutorial I will explain that in at the end I have there the regular 3 piece cut for the front. I also had adequate seam allowance too.

Step 3

The trousers

My full length for this design is 50.already I have 18 inches for my bodice. 50 – 18 = 32

So my trousers and bad length should fall between that 32inch

To cut my trouser I folded my fabric into 4.

My hip is 44. That 44 ÷ 4 = 11

Then I added 3 inch to each 11 for side seams = 13 in 4 folds (eg 2 for the front block 2 for the back block)

In the above picture I have I have

13 ×4 by 30 inches length plus 1 inch for the seam on the waist and the leg so I can add my 2inch band.

Next, I measure out 3 by  14 for my crotch depth. See picture below.

Here is how I mark it out.see picture above. at this stage I cut it out

Here is what it looks like when I spread all the cuts out for the front block.

Here is the breast pad I added to the bust area for support.

At this stage I added the sleeve….and I was considering making it as a cold shoulder design but I later changed my mind and went for the regular sleeve.

Step 4

I sewed all the pieces together not forgetting my bands at the sleeve and leg area. I didn’t want it heavy so I did not line it at all. I added the zip at the back and finished the neckline with piping.

The day I rocked it. I was wondering what shoe I should wear on it. Until I finally agreed on the all stars and it turned out to be a stunner. I know this because everywhere I went to that day people kept commending the design. ?

? I personally loved the look.hope you like it as much as I do.

You can make yours too and show me on facebook as for the illustrations just copy the link of this tutorial along side your post so others can learn from this too.

Remember I have made sewing process easy for everyone meaning you can start sewing even from home without necessary coming to Valisimo Fashion School by just getting our DVD called Sewing Made Easy. It’s very cheap and can be sent to you anywhere in the world as long as courier services get there?

For those outside Nigeria send us a WhatsApp or text to +2348096577157 so we follow up your order.Do stay blessed. It’s me Valerie Boglo ??




15 Responses to Ankara Jumpsuit with Versatility Fabric Elastic

  1. Fola

    Very beautiful. The illustration is simple too. Thanks ma. Please the band at the sleeves and legs, what material is it made of?

  2. Lilian

    Good job. You did well with the illustrations. I want to buy the book and CD.have copied your number will get in touch soon.

  3. Endy

    Wow….thanks a million

  4. Funmi

    Pls next time can you show how to go about the joining especially the trouser part for we beginners

  5. Faith Oluwapryzless

    Plz I wish 2 know how 2 cut trousers…its been kind of difficult 4 me… Thank u

  6. Glory

    Please I want to know how to cut jump suit I have tried severally and have not gotten it. Will appreciate your assistance. Thank you.


    Pls i want 2 kw how sew men’s trouser

  8. Loisy

    It a nice work …but the back side of the trouser wasn’t too clear to me …was anything added to support the hip?

  9. Loisy

    Well done ma’am… beautiful…but the back side of the trouser wasn’t too clear to me..was anything add on the trouser waist to support the hip

  10. Ruth Okafor

    Well-done MA. Please, what’s was the crotch measurement?

  11. IfedayoSamuel

    Nice work man, how can I know about men’s dress ma

  12. Iloaganachi

    Good evening.I am a male dress tailor based in Enugu state but Please I need a sewing guide DVD on female dresses to assist me on making good female clothes.My number is 08181202679.My Facebook address is PrinceChimamanda.

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