Ankara free Jacket.

Ankara free Jacket.


This is another lovely style you can make easily within minutes.the materials you need for this project is as follows

Ankara Fabric 2 yards

Plain fabric for facing and color half yard.

Measurements Areas Needed

1) Back

2) Neck

3) Bust

4) Hip

5) Length

To cut the front you need your hip measurement plus 4 inches extra for freeness and 1 inch for the facing.

Fold your hip measurement into 4 then cut that by your desired length. 

The front block will be divided into two while the back block is not divided .

On the front and back block,cut out the arm hole area as well as the neck line . 

Note that the neck  line in front will be lower than the back. For the front neck line cut like 2.5 to 3 inch down while on the back Neck cut just 1.5inch. 

For the facing I add just 1 inch.this style needs no shaping at the waist so I cut out straight. 

The front block is bigger than the back block by the 1 inch for the facing.

Here is the back block

Here is the front and back block after cutting

Sewing Process.

When you sew the shoulder together and the sides you add your facing to the design then add the collar to the neck… your outfit is ready.

To make the look stylish you could use a fitted pant trouser, a denim jeans or leggings just as I did.Make sure to compliment the look with a very lovely shoe so people will appreciate the look???

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