Amazing trainings this season from Valisimo!

Amazing trainings this season from Valisimo!




Let us teach you how to sew professionally in 3months 6 months or 9months.

When you register for 9months at Valisimo fashions School Lagos and Abuja we also train you and the business aspect of sewing. You learn the process of starting and running a successful fashion business. You will learn about the mistakes many so-called fashion designers are making and how we can avoid such as we set up learn about your income and expenditure and how it affects the stability of the business

Call us today, let’s teach you too 08096577157.


Our next Training for makeup at Sisivalisimo Makeup School be starting in the middle of march.if you would like to participate in the training call. 08096577157.

Location number 2 Akinwale street, Ogba, Lagos
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2 months basic class training 150k + makeup kits 4 months basic and advanced training 250k + makeup box 6 months basic and advanced/ professional training.450k + Makeup kits




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