8-Piece dress illustration

8-Piece dress illustration


8-Piece dress illustration

So I am keeping to my words to illustrate this 8-piece dress from my followers on Facebook. Follow the steps and illustrations below.

Mine is a slightly different method but will still get the same result.

1) Know the length of your dress.You will need it to cut each panel.

2) Calculate how wide you want your circumference to be totally first then divide that into 8 equal panels, to know the width of each panel.

3) Divide your bust and waist into into 8 parts
Follow the process of getting out your bust like you will do on your regular blouse like the video I did today 👇


4 on each panel get out your circumference. Your waist and your bust. Remember its divided by 8, make sure you add seam allowance to each cut. Lastly, cut your lining if need be. Then join your fabric to get the design. Remember that your fabric circumference will determine the volume you get at the end.




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